09:30 Port of Amsterdam refuses to unload ship with Russian oil

09:30 Port of Amsterdam refuses to unload ship with Russian oil

The controversial Russian diesel-loaded ship Sunny Liger is currently unable to enter the port of Amsterdam. The dockers refuse to escort the ship to port because they do not want to evacuate the ship because of the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Sunny Liger has already sailed from Sweden to the Netherlands after Swedish dockers also refused to dock the ship.

According to the Port of Amsterdam, the port services that manage and back up the ships experience “security problems” around the ship and therefore do not want to be escorted to the port yet. In the meantime, the FNV association is lobbying for the municipality of Amsterdam to decide against the arrival of the ship and to definitively deny access to Sunny Liger.

There is excitement about the possible arrival of the ship because of the Russian cargo. FNV had previously called for the evacuation of Sunny Liger in the port of Rotterdam in solidarity with the dock workers in Sweden. It was Swedish dockers, not Swedish officials, who refused the ship.

It later turned out that the tanker was returning to sea and on its way to the Dutch capital. “The ship is currently ashore,” says a spokesman for the Amsterdam port. He has no information about a possible arrival time. The Port Authority has announced that Port Terminals and Maritime Services will again discuss the course to be followed with Sunny Liger on Saturday afternoon.

The Ukrainian embassy in the Netherlands calls on Amsterdam dock workers to follow the Swedish example.

Minister Hoekstra supports call for port staff

Minister Wopke Hoekstra (Foreign Affairs) also discussed the possible arrival of the ship on Friday. According to him, the company cannot legally do anything to prevent Sunny Liger from transferring. The ship was registered in the Marshall Islands and has never sailed under the Russian flag.

However, the minister wanted “a sleeve can be arranged” with the port so that the ship would not dock. Hoekstra also described the FNV’s call to port staff not to help with mooring as “very good”.

The cabinet wants to get rid of the import of Russian energy as soon as possible. Hoekstra states that companies have been told to limit Russian oil, coal and gas imports as much as possible.

Source: NU