Senior executive Claudio Anastasio resigns after copying a speech by Mussolini

Claudio Anastasio, president of 3-I Spa, the company that manages the software for Inps, Inail and Istat, resigned after a controversy following the press coverage of an e-mail with very interesting content that Anastasio himself allegedly sent to members. board member. The message quoted by ‘Repubblica’ reads: “Well, gentlemen, what butterflies are we going to look for under Tito’s belt? Well, here I am declaring before you and the entire public.” The Italian Government is responsible for everything that happens (my only!) 3-I (political! moral! historical!) 3- If I take the blame, I am responsible because in my role I have nurtured this historical, political and moral climate”.

This is a very faithful copy of Benito Mussolini’s speech on the murder of Matteotti on January 3, 1925, which is considered by historians to be one of the founding acts of fascism as an illiberal regime. The Roma newspaper explains that the sender will be Claudio Anastasio, the recently appointed president of the public company with the task of developing software to support the digital transformation of public administration.

The discussions did not last long. The chairman of Pd Simona Malpezzi senators commented, “An executive elected by the Meloni government, Claudio Anastasio, is writing to the board of his company, using the same words spoken by Mussolini to justify the assassination of Matteotti.” Who later added: “This is the number of the ruling class selected by the right. Pity”. But, according to Democratic Party deputy Claudio Mancini, “the use of the Matteotti murder allegation is disgusting”, thus an invitation to the executive to “immediately” revoke Anastasio’s appointment to the management of publicly traded company 3-I.

The step back came quickly later in the morning. The manager would write in a note, “I am submitting my irrevocable resignation with immediate effect from the position of board member and chairman of 3-I SpA.”

Source: Today IT