Private videos of Pavel Nedved in intimate attitudes with three women released on social media

A video of Pavel Nedved during a party in intimate attitudes with some women has gone viral on social media, along with other videos in which the identity of the protagonist is unclear.

Author: Marco Beltrami

Pavel Nedvedafter having represented the Juventus on the occasion of the Champions League draws, he returned to Turin to watch the match against Roma in the stadium. Habitual routine of the former Pallone d’Oro midfielder, who also became a protagonist in the stands in a dialogue with Azzurra coach Mancini, caught on camera, focused on Bremer judging by his mouth. Late on Sunday night, however, the name of the current vice president of the Juventus club became a trend on social media due to a situation that has nothing to do with football. In fact, a video has appeared showing an unreleased Pavel Nedved.

In the content, which in a very short time went viral, we see the Juventus coach in intimate attitudes with three women. In this video, the former midfielder of a club with friends is struggling with a ballet in particular. Nedved lets himself go to a kind of train very close, uninhibited, complete with groping. Laughter and lots of fun, for a moment of celebration that someone recorded and then broadcast.

Everything was posted on social media, about 24 hours after Juventus-Roma, although the timing of the party is uncertain. On the other hand, Nedved has been a sentimentally free man for about two years now. According to reports from the Czech Republic, he has now permanently separated from his wife. In recent weeks, rumors have surfaced about Nedved’s new love life with popular singer and actress Dara Rolins.

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The latter published some photos of her vacation in Italy a few days ago, in the company of her dancing friends. The close-knit group also took a look at the host stadium in Nedved, on the occasion of Juventus’ trip to Marassi for the match against Sampdoria. In one of the contents published on the company’s official profile, the Italian trip is told, complete with some images of moments shared with the manager of an event. It is not clear if they are in the video that circulated at this time and if it was recorded on the occasion of this visit.

One of the screenshots from the videos attributed to Nedved
One of the screenshots from the videos attributed to Nedved

The ballet video is not the only video that has appeared on social media in recent hours. In fact, two other content has also been released, attributed to Pavel Nedved, although there is no certainty that it is him. In one, recorded from inside a club, we see a man staggering from behind. About to fall several times in the street, the man with the thick blond hair and the suit struggles to his feet. In the other, frontal and engraved in the same place, the same blonde walks this time with his jacket in hand towards the club.

Despite the almost simultaneous diffusion of the three contents, it is necessary to reiterate that at the moment it is impossible to establish the moment of the same and when they date. What is certain is that in a few hours the name of the great glory in black and white went viral and not for the ball.

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