War or crisis? The Truth Behind Streaming Platforms Present

Likewise, at the change of an era, he added that “now everyone has the technology and they have a much more stable platform because they are part of media conglomerate like Disney or like Warner. They can’t do much there,” he says.

Also from the general perspective of markets and competition, Mario Moralesprofessor at the Faculty of Communications at the University of Javeriana, explained other reasons behind the companies’ present.

“Netflix had the market in their hands, but when new players appear, those limits, those boundaries and those areas start to shrink because the offers to users come into open competition, so what happened to the platforms, who had to take advantage of this new economy? where there were no limits, it grew exponentially, but it found its ceiling”.

He went on to explain the reasons, explaining that “first, because I narrowed the number of potential customers and those players started to divide among the possibilities, then the initial dream of these platforms of taking advantage of a universal audience disappeared and they have realized that this is a limited audience and a limited audience for interest, for technology, for coverage, for connectivity, but also limited by itself.

That market is coming to its reality, recognizing that there are some users limited target and that there are several competitors that have to fight for them, so those early numbers have been reduced to the harsh reality that it’s an absolutely limited market,” the teacher explained.

So, drawing conclusions about the moment entertainment brands are experiencing, both experts agreed that a coming crisis is not foreseeable, but a moment when the contenders suffer. war effects and collateral damage is imminent.

“These companies already hit your roof and they are clearly in decline, they are going to reach a natural limit and they are going to produce the natural limit, when they had the whole market in their favor they could make unlimited large investments, today they know that is not the case.

They have a limited market and then the production budgets will decrease, the supply of products will decrease and of course it will decrease the quality because we can no longer speak of maximum quality with a reduced budget,” the educator added.

Source: El heraldo